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Content Creator (Melbourne)

Questions? Contact the Recruiting Lead

Christian Bien

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

Content Creator (Melbourne)

Supported By

Head of Subject & Head of Operations

Applications Due

Applications Close Thursday, 29 February 2023

Role Type & Commitment


Semester 1 (Early March to End of May) 

Option to continue after every Semester


Melbourne (University of Melbourne - Wade Institute)

About Elucidate

Elucidate Education is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission of ensuring that every Australian student has the support they need to achieve. We achieve this through providing a free learning platform and equitable textbooks to support students throughout their learning journey.

With over 23,000 Australian users, four published textbooks, and a team of over 50 volunteers across Perth and Melbourne, Elucidate is one of the fastest growing volunteer run organisations in Australia.

With recent funding support from the University of Melbourne, Masonic Foundation, Rotary Club of Subiaco and Rotary Club of West Perth, and other funders, we are on an exciting journey to expand our impact across Australia.

Could you be part of the team making a difference in the educational futures of thousands of Australians each year?

Roles and Responsibilities 

Content creators have an opportunity to make content in one of three teams. The creators will then be assigned to a subject of their interest and work within teams to create a robust educational module to support students for free. 

Video Content Creators

Creating new video content to explain key concepts in the VCE syllabus. Where applicable, providing relevant and reliable examples to help illustrate key concepts.

Online Content Creators

Creating online explainers aligned to the VCE syllabus. Where applicable, providing relevant and appropriate examples of content.

Content creators will also have access to content developed from WA for adaptation.

Illustrations / Design Creators

Creating diagrams and supportive infographics to help illustrate key concepts in VCE subjects.

We are currently looking for volunteers with a background in the following areas:

  • Accounting VCE

  • Business Management VCE

  • Chemistry VCE

  • Economics VCE

  • Maths Methods VCE

  • Physics VCE

If you are interested in a subject outside of these backgrounds, please feel free to nominate them as well.

What’s in it for you

You will get the opportunity to make a difference to the learning journeys of everyday young Australians. In addition, we also offer free social events to get to know other volunteers, including laser tag, bowling, board games nights and so on. 

You will get the opportunity to meet other young people from all different backgrounds connected by a mission of giving back! 

About You

You should consider joining Elucidate’s content creator team if you:

  • Have a passion for giving back to the community within the areas of education.

  • Are a high performer of your subject area and would love to teach it forward to help other students.

  • Are able to contribute 3 -5 hours per week, with 2 hours per week required every fortnight to connect with the team in person at the University of Melbourne. 

  • Want to join a community of other passionate volunteers with access to free and subsidised social events to get to know each other.

  • Want to invest in developing your own skills and confidence. 

  • Want to be part of a community and get out of your comfort zone! 

Application Instructions

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please apply via the application form by no later than 27 February 2023. 

If you have any questions, please contact the recruiting lead directly via emai.

Position Recruiting Lead

Christian Bien

Chief Executive Officer


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