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Concept of Web 2.0 and 3.0

Applied IT (Year 12) - Managing Data

Christian Bien

The Evolution of Web 1.0 - Web 2.0 - Web 3.0 | By Crypto Steve Coates

In this video, Steve Coates goes through the evolution of the web and how blockchain technology can power a Web 3.0 future.

Web 2.0

Image of Instagram Homepage

Web 2.0 is the current version of the web that focuses on sharing of information and virtual collaboration. Web 2.0 is centred around the following characteristics:

  • Dynamic user interfaces, evolved from static user interfaces of web 1.0

  • Emergence of social networking and other virtual collaboration tools

  • Finding information more easily with more developed and faster search engines

  • Ease of use with simple navigation features

Web 3.0

Image of Google Stadia by dronepicr, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Web 3.0 is the future version of the web that focuses on the following characteristics:

  • Greater connectivity between internet enabled devices - development of the internet of things where ordinary household devices will be able to communicate wirelessly

  • Internet searches based on a user's own internet rather than keywords

  • Intelligent processing of information with web technologies learning from past user activity - for example, eBay learning our interests based off a user's past searches and generating a 'Recommended for You' list of products

  • Faster and more complex online applications - for example, Canva providing full software services online.

  • Game streaming - where full video games are processed and rendered on a server and streamed to a user's device. Eliminates the need to purchase expensive gaming consoles.

Wayback Machine

Image of on the 16 May 2001

The Wayback Machine is a free service that enables a user to go back in time to see old versions of their favourite websites. 

Above is a screen capture of the Apple Website on 16 May 2001 - it's amazing to see how far we've come in terms of web page design and features! Test it out for yourself at

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