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Project Management (U1)

Applied IT (Year 11)

Design Plan

Content Writers

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Jeckmen Wu


Storyboards are traditionally used to visualise the narrative for a film production or a graphic novel by using a chronological sequence of drawings to represent the shots planned for each scene (including brief annotations of shot angle, directions, and dialogue). 

However, in AIT and specifically, website & app design, storyboards are used to create a graphical representation of the structure and user flow of the website/app – how the website/app will flow from page to page. 

Image: UX Storyboard Template, Image by Milanote (


Thumbnails are small, rough sketches used to quickly explore & develop multiple ideas and/or to show different perspectives or angles.


A wireframe is a “blueprint” used to plan out the formatting/layout of websites, apps, or pages (e.g. posters).It prioritises content placement (i.e. allocating space) and user flow (i.e. illustrating functionalities) over details like visual design, colours, graphics, and text.


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