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Evaluating Software for Usability

Applied IT (Year 12) - Project Management (U4)

Christian Bien

Methods to Evaluate Software


Ask for user's opinions about the use of an ICT product by filling out a survey. The survey can be used to gather analytics about areas of ICT product that are liked and disliked and any comments or recommendations.  The survey results can then be used to refine an ICT product to meet the needs of its users.

Self Reflection

The creator of an ICT product could critically evaluate aspects of an ICT product for usability, noting down any areas that could be refined and improved.

Client Feedback

The creator of an ICT product could ask the client to evaluate the product, noting down any areas where features can be added or removed. The ICT product can then be refined to suit the client's needs.

For Elucidate, we use a feedback software called Hotjar, the enables users to submit their feedback at anytime on any page, with a simple positive, neutral or negative reaction followed by any optional comments. 

Your feedback gets sent directly to the team and better understand how users are interacting with our platform and how we can improve! ​

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