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Government Revenue and Expenditure Sources

Economics (Year 12) - Fiscal Policy

Christian Bien

Government Revenue Sources

Government Revenue refers to where governments receive their income. Below is the main tax revenue of the Australian government.

Income Taxes

  • Income Tax Receipts

  • Company Tax

  • Fringe Benefits Tax

  • Superannuation Taxes

  • Sales Taxes

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • Excise and Customs Duty

  • Petrol tax -Tobacco tax

  • Import taxes (such as tariffs on imported cars)

Government Expenditure Sources

Government expenditure refers to where the government is spending its money. Below are the main expenditure sources (in order of largest to smallest proportion of the budget) of the Australian Government:

  • Social security and welfare

  • Health -Education

  • Defence

  • General Public Services

  • Transport

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