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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Applied IT (Year 12) - Managing Data

Christian Bien

What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)?

Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used for the structuring of websites. HTML consists of plain text and HTML tags. HTML is used is all webpages for publishing online content, retrieving online content and desigining web applications. 

HTML is used in conjunction with CSS, which is the language used to describe the design and presentation of websites.​

How Much Do I Have to Know in AIT?

HTML is very basic in nature for the AIT syllabus. You only have to know basics like:

  • What is it? (In two sentences or less)

  • The role of HTML in W3C Conventions

  • Capabilities of HTML5

World Wide Web Consortium - HTML Standard

W3C sets the standard for the structure and language for a website as HTML, that means that the web standard for markup languages for websites is HTML. Other formats are not preferred to ensure web comparability. 

Click to View the W3C Website Explanation of the HTML Standard


HTML5 is the current version of HTML and allows for some pretty nifty features, such as:

  • Multimedia support - HD video, live streaming, photo galleries.

  • Interactive Elements

  • Additional online form validators - Field and range checks​

However, HTML 5 advancements mean older browsers are not compatible. To run HTML 5 you need:

  • Google Chrome 10.0 and above

  • Firefox 4.0 and above

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and above

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