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Impact of WWII

Modern History (Year 12) - World War II

Ben Whitten

World War II had far-reaching impacts on the world, including on Soviet Russia. Here are some of the main impacts of WWII with a focus on Soviet Russia:

  • Human Losses: WWII had a devastating impact on Soviet Russia, resulting in the loss of an estimated 27 million lives, including soldiers and civilians. This represented a significant portion of the Soviet population and had a lasting impact on the country.

  • Industrial and Economic Damage: The Soviet Union suffered significant damage to its industrial and economic infrastructure as a result of WWII. Many factories and cities were destroyed or damaged, and the country had to devote significant resources to rebuilding.

  • Emergence as a Superpower: Despite the losses suffered during WWII, Soviet Russia emerged as a superpower and a major player on the global stage. The country's military and industrial might were greatly strengthened by its experience in the war.

  • Redrawing of Borders: WWII resulted in significant changes to the borders of many countries, including Soviet Russia. The country gained control of several territories in Eastern Europe and became a dominant force in the region.

  • Cold War: The end of WWII marked the beginning of the Cold War, a period of political and military tension between the Soviet Union and the Western powers, led by the United States. The Cold War would last for several decades and shape the global political landscape.

  • Nuremberg Trials: The Nuremberg Trials, held between 1945 and 1946, were a series of military tribunals held to prosecute Nazi leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The trials helped to establish the principle of individual accountability for war crimes and set the stage for future international criminal tribunals.

WWII had a profound impact on Soviet Russia and the world at large, resulting in significant human losses, changes to borders, emergence of new superpowers, and the beginning of a new era of international relations characterized by the Cold War.

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