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Magnetic flux

Physics (Year 12) - Electro-magnetism

Dev Lohar

Magnetic flux

Magnetic flux refers to the amount of magnetic field. It is the total number of field lines (i.e. magnetic strength) that passes through a particular area. It can calculated by the following equation:

It is important to notice that A is the area perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the area is not perpendicular to the magnetic field and instead at an angle θ, then the following equation is to be used to calculate the magnetic flux:

Looking at the equation for magnetic flux, it is obvious that a strong magnetic field over a small area can produce the same amount of magnetic flux as a weaker magnetic field over a larger area. It is also important to remember that magnetic flux is maximum when the area examined is perpendicular to the magnetic field and magnetic flux is zero when the area is parallel to the field.

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