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Methods of Victory for the USSR

Modern History (Year 12) - World War II

Ben Whitten

Securing Victory in WWII

The Soviet Union employed a variety of methods to secure victory in World War II, including the use of a massive and well-trained Red Army, strategic use of terrain, and a scorched earth policy.

One of the key methods used by the Soviet Union was the use of a massive and well-trained Red Army. The Soviet Union had a large population and was able to mobilize millions of soldiers to fight in the war. The Red Army was also well-trained and well-equipped, and was able to effectively engage and defeat the German army on multiple fronts.

Another important method employed by the Soviet Union was the strategic use of terrain. The Soviet Union had vast expanses of land, and the German army was not able to effectively fight in the harsh and remote terrain of the Soviet Union. This made it difficult for the German army to maintain supply lines and effectively engage the Red Army.

The Soviet Union also employed a scorched earth policy, in which they destroyed and dismantled anything of value in the path of the advancing German army, making it difficult for the German army to sustain itself. They also evacuated the population and industry from the areas that the German army was approaching, which made it hard for the German army to get resources from the conquered territories.

Additionally, the Soviet Union also benefited from the alliance with the Western Allies, which provided them with Lend-Lease aid, and opened a second front in Europe by invading Normandy in 1944, which helped to divert some of the German troops and resources away from the Eastern front.

All of these methods, along with the Soviet Union's ability to sustain heavy losses, ultimately led to the defeat of the German army and the Soviet Union's victory in World War II.

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