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Network Security Measures

Applied IT (Year 12) - Networks

Christian Bien


A firewall is hardware, software or a router that monitors the incoming and outgoing data packets of a network and rejects any unauthorised data packets.​

Think of it like an airport security checkpoint in your network. It monitors all the data packets to ensure what is coming in and out is authorised to enter/leave the network.

Firewalls can be adjusted depending on the user's security appetite. Strict firewalls can reinforce tight security, however, can also block a lot of legitimate data packets into the network. 


Passwords are a combination of characters, often associated with a username, used to unlock certain computer resources.

Google's Tips for Strong Passwords

Here at Elucidate, we encourage users to adopt Google's recommendations of creating a strong password. These tips include:

  1. Make the password unique - make passwords unique to each service. Use a secure password manager to manage password access.

  2. Make passwords long and memorable - you can use phrases uniquely known to you to create long and memorable passwords.

  3. Avoid personal information & common words.

  4. Use unique characters such as '!@#$'.

You can view the guide here for more tips. 

Password Managers

A secure way to store heaps of complex passwords is to use a password manager. A password manager uses secure, encrypted databases to store all of user's passwords, which can be unlocked using one secure key. 

Examples of password managers include:

Physical Security Measures

Physical Security Measures refer to actual physical methods of locking/restricting access to the hardware that stores the data. 

Physical security measures can include:

  • Locked Servers - Servers should be stored in cages and locked to prevent unauthorised access

  • Video Surveillance

  • Restricted access to server rooms - this can be done through keycards or biometric security

  • Locking doors after use

  • Fences and barbed wire around data warehouses

  • Reducing/removing windows and installing thick walls to reduce the risk of outside penetration into the data warehouse

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