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Online Data Management

Applied IT (Year 11) - Managing Data (U2)

Jeckmen Wu

Online Data Management

Online data management refers to the comprehensive process of securely and efficiently collecting, organising, storing, analysing, and maintaining data. This can lead to increased productivity, better decision-making by using more accurate and timely data analysis, and improved data protection through regular backups and security monitoring.


  1. Organisation – sort and store data in sub/categories and establish a naming convention, along with a version control system, to facilitate easy search and retrieval. It is also important to archive old data that is no longer used for day-to-day operations or responsibly dispose of unnecessary data to avoid clutter and ensure relevant data is accessible.

  2. Security – implement appropriate and up-to-date security measures, including access control to restrict access to those who need it (especially sensitive customer data).

  3. Backup – ensure a reliable and consistent data backup system and schedule are established so that minimal data loss occurs in the event of a disaster.

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