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Production Sketch Example

Applied IT (Year 12) - Design Concepts

Christian Bien

Production Sketch Sample

In the WACE exam, Section 4 - Production, will require students to create their own design for a web page or mobile application. It will often include around 4 marks for annotations for design elements and principles so include 4 pieces of evidence to get full marks.

Sample Annotation of Production Section Sketch

Below is an answer for question 30 in the 2015 WACE Exam. You can access the 2015 WACE paper by clicking here.

The 2016 exam saw a different approach with two sketches of a mobile website and a desktop website. The answer sample includes annotation for all sections of the question including 4 points for evidence of the relationship between design elements and principles.

Design Principles and Elements of the Production Sketch

  • High contrast in the business name from colour of blue against the white positive space as well as a thick width from boldness of characters creates emphasis towards the business name.

  • Even weighted distribution of the element of shapes creates the design principle of balance within the design.

  • Repetition of the use of recentagles within the design creates a sense of harmony and unity

  • Repetition of similar sized recentagles creates movement within the design.

Logical and Hierarchical Organisation of Content

Considering the Order of Your Content

Readers of a website will not read all of the content of a page. The order of elements placed on a page should be carefully considered to meet the usability needs of the user as well as the purpose of the business's website.

Upper Quartile of the Design

The upper quartile should contain content that the viewer will be initially exposed to. Not all users navigate throughout the entire contents of a page. Place in the upper quartile the elements you want the reader to immediately notice.

Items placed in the upper quartile should relate directly to the purpose of the website. It should include items such as:

  • Business name and logo - readers will remember the business by these details for later reference

  • Address and phone number - easy access to contact details, disgruntled readers who cannot find contact details easily will give up on contacting the business

  • Information about promotions or specials - this will immediately spark interest in the business's goods or services

  • Quick links - increase efficiency by allowing users to click on links to take them to their desired pages

Middle Quartile of the Design

This section will contain information that supports the purpose of the business website and other useful tools. The section could include:

  • Customer testimonials - increases creditability of the website

  • Email subscription services - allow customers to easily join a mailing list to further promote products

  • Contact forms

  • Widget of the business's social media page or latest posts

Lower Quartile of the Design

This section is least likely to be viewed by the reader. Include information that is essential but not necessary assistive towards the purpose of the business website (eg the privacy act will not necessary directly increase online sales) This section could include:

  • Copyright

  • Privacy Act

  • Terms of Use

  • Site Map

  • Social networking sharing tools

Features in the Production Sketch

  • Placing the business name and logo at the top will provide immediate exposure to the reader, hence will make the brand more memorable in the future.

  • Photo gallery shows a photo roll of featured products (eg sale items), as this will entice the viewer and is directly related to the business's website's purpose of generating online sales, hence placed in the upper quartile of the design.

  • Customer testimonials, frequently asked questions, currency converters, email subscriptions and contact forms all assist in supporting but is not directly related to the website's purpose of generating online sales, hence is placed in the middle quartile.

  • Footer Items (Privacy Act, Copyright, Terms and Conditions) are necessary to include but are not directly related to generating online sales, hence are placed in the footer in the lower quartile of the design.

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