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Social Networking

Applied IT (Year 11) - Impacts of Technology (U1)

Jeckmen Wu

What is Social Networking?

Social networking entails online users contacting, connecting, and interacting with each other using social media. It is important to distinguish social networking as an action and social media as the platform through which social networking occurs. 

Types of Social Networking

  • Social connection is the most common form of social networking with the main emphasis being on relationships, whether that be friends or family. Facebook, for example, allows users to socialise and keep in touch with friends and family by offering real-time messaging, timelines, and the ability to create video chat rooms.

  • Multimedia sharing platforms provide users with the ability to create, upload and share content in the form of videos & images with others online. Widely used applications include YouTube and Instagram.

  • Discussion forums, such as Quora, provide a virtual space for users to share & discuss information, thoughts/opinions, solutions to problems, etc…

  • Professional networking is more career-oriented, intended to connect people in similar professions to help them develop networks within an industry and open new opportunities for job seekers. LinkedIn is a popular platform for this type of networking that allows businesses to advertise vacant positions, and job seekers to post resumes and receive referrals.

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