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Text Types

English (Year 12) - Course Concepts

Ben Whitten

In ATAR English there are four predominant text types that you need to have an awareness of. The distinctions between the texts are not fixed and therefore some texts may see overlap and be referred to as more than one text type.

  1. Analytical Texts: An analytical text's primary purpose is to identify, examine and draw upon conclusions regarding the components that make up other texts; an analytical text will develop a particular argument/interpretation (for example, critical discussions, reflective responses etc.).

  2. Persuasive Texts: A persuasive text's primary purpose is to put a point of view forward to persuade a reader, viewer or listener to believe the argument introduced (for example, debates).

  3. Interpretive Texts: An interpretive text's primary purpose is to explain and interpret personalities, events, ideas, representations or concepts (for example, autobiographies, media articles, documentaries etc.)

  4. Imaginative Texts: An imaginative text's primary purpose is to entertain the reader or provoke thought via an imaginative use of literary elements; imaginative texts are often identified by their form, style, and aesthetics (for example, poetry, prose, fables, multimodal texts (film), novels, short stories etc.)

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