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Impacts of Technology (U1)

Applied IT (Year 11)

Work-life Balance

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Jeckmen Wu

What is a Work-life Balance?

Having a good work-life balance means that the time, focus, and energy you allocate & spend on work and life are relatively even. In this case, “life” basically refers to your personal life, hence, it can include many things – family, friends, hobbies, exercise, vacations, etc…  

How does Digital Technology Impact Work-life Balance?

Our heavy reliance on technology in the modern world has created a huge intersection point between work & life. As everything has become so interconnected, it is inevitable that your work life will bleed into your personal life and blur the boundaries between the two, deteriorating your work-life balance. Just think about how your laptop can serve as a multi-purpose device for both work & leisure activities, being capable of typing up reports at work but also streaming, gaming, and communicating with friends & family outside of work. Even if your phone is the only device you use outside of work, email & message notifications as well as calls from managers & co-workers can still disrupt your recreation time. 


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