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Christian Bien
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

Christian is passionate about social change as the co-founder of Elucidate. Christian has over 3 years experience in corporate strategy, and is also the founder of Curtin Consulting Group.


Member of the  Institute of Chartered Accountants (Full Membership expected in Feb 2023)

International Honours Program (Stanford University)

Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting and Finance (Curtin University)

About Christian

Coming from a boat refugee background, Christian is highly passionate about social change and giving back to Australia, a country that has given his family a second chance at life. Christian founded the ATAR Survival Guide platform in Year 12, which was eventually merged into Elucidate in 2022. His ambition is to create a change for all Australians to support their achievement at school. 

In 2023, Christian left his fulltime role in Corporate Development and Strategy to pursue Elucidate full time and make a change for all Australians.

Fun Fact

After hours, you will find Christian completing long distance running. 

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