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Christian Bien
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

Christian is passionate about social change as the co-founder of Elucidate and a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar. Christian has over 3 years experience in corporate strategy and management consulting and is also the founder of Curtin Consulting Group. 


Master of Entrepreneurship (University of Melbourne) - In Progress

Member of the  Institute of Chartered Accountants (Full Membership)

International Honours Program (Stanford University)

Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting and Finance (Curtin University)

About Christian

Coming from a boat refugee background, Christian is highly passionate about social change and giving back to Australia, a country that has given his family a second chance at life. Christian founded the ATAR Survival Guide platform in Year 12, which was eventually merged into Elucidate in 2022. His ambition is to create a change for all Australians to support their achievement at school. 

In 2023, Christian left his fulltime role in Corporate Development and Strategy to pursue Elucidate full time and make a change for all Australians. In 2023, Christian was awarded the $120,000 Westpac Future Leaders scholarship to pursue a Master of Entrepreneurship at the University of Melbourne and expand Elucidate's reach in Melbourne. 

Fun Fact

After hours, you will find Christian completing long distance running. 

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