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Hello Melbourne

Ready to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students?

Starting out as a social project in WA, Elucidate is now coming to the East Coast with the launch of its new Melbourne team. Be part of the founding Melbourne team and make your impact in educational equity.

Make an Impact

Improve the lives of everyday Australians using the platform and textbooks - our mission is to ensure every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve.

Whether that's through a free learning platform or donated textbook, we provide opportunities for students to learn without barriers.

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Your Commitment

Roughly 3-5 hours per week for a 9-week period.

We also require our writers to meet up once a week at the University of Melbourne.

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Develop Yourself

Not only do you get your name on the platform/textbook, you also receive the opportunity to develop yourself through:

  • Lifelong connections and friends

  • Building teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills

  • Giving back to your local community

  • Exclusive social and impact opportunities

Be Part of Our Impact Story
Australian users
Annual users
Textbooks donated

Statistics include usage from both the ATAR Survival Guide (in phase out) and Elucidate platform.

Apply to join the team.

Role Name: Content Writer - Elucidate Melbourne 

Time Commitment: 3 - 5 Hours

Location: Melbourne (With adhoc writing day attendance to the University of Melbourne Required)

Role Type: Voluntary

Due Date: 20 August 2023

Elucidate is searching for enthusiastic volunteers to support our mission of empowering education and changing lives. We offer roles in our platform, textbook and video production teams to provide an ecosystem of inclusive support for all Australian students.

If you're looking to create long-lasting social change and empower the future of education, apply below today! 

What is Elucidate?

​Elucidate is a leading education social start-up with a mission of ensuring every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve at school. We do this through providing an ecosystem of support through a free learning platform, donation of textbooks and free learning videos for students across Australia and the world.

Elucidate, which means to make (something) clear or to explain, is at the heart of what we do. To breakdown educational concepts to ensure everyone can achieve.

As Elucidate is a registered Australian charity we require the support of volunteers to advance our equitable education mission. This is a voluntary role and is not paid.

If you have any questions, please contact

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