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Changing education. Transforming lives.

Elucidate Education is a leading not-for-profit organisation that provides an e-learning platform, videos and textbooks that accelerate students' potential in education. With over 23,000 Australian users and 82,000 users globally, we are changing the ways students learn, with a student-centred approach for success.

Our mission

To ensure every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve


Elucidate was formed in 2022 out of the merger of two youth-based charities making an impact in the education space - ATAR Survival Guide and ThrivEd.

ThrivEd was founded in 2020 and was a student run charity that produced textbooks, made by students for students. Their social mission was driven on impact created by textbook purchases, where for every two textbooks purchased, one would be donated to a disadvantaged school.

ATAR Survival Guide was founded in 2017, a Year 12 bedroom project that turned unused ATAR notes into a website where students could benefit from free resources. The website grew to its peak in 2022, where it achieved over 82,000 users (23,000 Australian users) and over 4,000 members.

Despite our transformation, our unified mission of ensuring every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve is what connects and unites us. 


Let's make an impact together

A message from the Co-Founder and CEO

Coming from background with two parents as Vietnamese boat refugees, I saw first hand the value of education. Education was a transformative driver in my own life and opened new opportunities for my future.

However, growing up in the low socio-economic suburbs of Perth, I also knew educational opportunities were not equal. For many disadvantaged students, the desire to learn is limited by their parents education level and their respective incomes. 


That's why I started the platform in 2017, a Year 12 bedroom project to help support other students out there who may need an extra hand. Over the years our team has grown but our mission has remained the same - to ensure every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve at school.

An education opens opportunities, hope and a new way of life. What if the cure for cancer was trapped in the mind of a child living in poverty? 

For us at Elucidate, it's about shifting the dial, to ensure a student's learning is determined, not by their ability to access learning, but their desire to learn. Free education - that's how it should be.

We believe all educational support should be free and accessible to all students.

Got the ambition to make a change - join us!

Christian Bien (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer)

Our impact

(Our team)


Our mission statement

To ensure every Australian secondary student has the opportunity to achieve at school.
Contact us


Perth Office (Main Office):

Bloom Labs (Centre for Youth Innovation)

St Catherine's College,

University of Western Australia

2 Park Road,

Crawley, WA 6009

Melbourne Office Coming Soon

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