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Our Team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds connected by the same purpose, to Empower Education for future generations.

Operations Team

Christian Bien

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

Ben Whitten

Chief Online Officer

Sean Garcia

Head of Technology

Dev Lohar

Head of Video Production

Jack Anderson

Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Board Director

Hannah Knight

Chief Product Officer

James Hutcheson

Head of Platform

Emma Keays

Data Scientist, Platform Developer

Priya Kaur

Chief Legal & Risk Officer, Board Director

Kyi Chan

Chief Community Officer

Jemma Schofield

Head of Textbooks

Platform Writers

Le Thanh Thao

Content Creator - Business

Business Management VCE

Carys Brown

Platform Writer


Kanwal Singh

Platform Writer


Michael Swift

Platform Writer


Jeckmen Wu

Platform Writer

Applied Information Technology

Joel Peiris

Video Producer

Mathematics Methods

Jessica Pratt

Platform Donator


Jackson Moyle

Platform Writer

Modern History

Sam Carter

Platform Writer


John Peiris

Video Producer

Mathematics Methods

Adrienne Reeder

Platform Writer


Gemma Tueno

Platform Writer

Human Biology

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