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Your purchase will empower free education support for students around Australia

Two books bought. One book donated. 


Tackling the second half of Year 12 Chemistry, this 208-page unit 4 textbook explores the world of organic chemistry in the most fun and engaging manner possible!


Continue working through our last five problem sets to see how the students at Chemistry College end out their big year in absolute mayhem!

The book also ends with a WACE-style practice exam that should give you a challenging end to the year!



  • Chapter 6: Organic Chemistry

  • Chapter 7: Plastics, Proteins and Soaps

  • Chapter 8: Chemical Synthesis

  • Chemistry College Mock Exam


For every two textbooks purchased, one textbook is donated to a disadvantaged school. Your purchase helps empower educational equity for vulnerable Australians. 

Chemistry Unit 4

  • 208 Pages + Mock Examination

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