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Management (U4)

Business Management and Enterprise (Year 12)

External Analysis - PEST

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Kanwal Singh

A PEST analysis focuses on analysing a firms external business environment and is composed of four main components:

  1. Political environment

  • There are many political factors that can be analysed:

  • Tax laws

  • Stability of government

  • Type of political group

  • Consumer protection laws

2. Economic environment

  • There are many factors that can be analysed:

  • Economic growth

  • Macroeconomic indicators

  • Inflation

  • Unemployment

  • Interest rates

  • Exogenous shocks

3. Socio-cultural environment

  • There are many socio-cultural factors that can be analysed:

  • Population growth

  • Age of population

  • Cultural beliefs

  • Predominant religions

4. Technological environment

  • There are many technological factors that can be analysed:

  • Automation

  • Research and Development

  • Innovation in technological space


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